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Vermont Maple Syrup

Artisan crafted pure maple syrup from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Rocky the beaver says "Beaver Meadows Vermont Maple Syrup is the best of the best!"

'Fueled by Nature' program.

Athletes can take advantage of maple syrup's benefits in different stages of their workout! Read about it [HERE]. Article courtesy of "Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers"

Beaver Meadows syrup is wicked good

The finest maple flavor

We take great pride in producing hand crafted maple syrup with an especially fine maple flavor. Making the highest quality, best tasting syrup possible requires extra effort and meticulous attention to every detail in the syrup making process. From sustainable management of the maple trees in our sugar bush to nearly obsessive care in the way we tap the trees, collect the sap, and cook and filter the finished syrup. We taste and test every batch of syrup we produce before it is packed to make sure that it meets the Beaver Meadows standard for excellence in quality and flavor. Our syrup is like fine wine from a boutique vineyard. And you really taste the difference in Beaver Meadows syrup.

Artisan crafted by the LaPoint Family in Craftsbury, Vermont

Unlike many sugaring operations today that are rapidly becoming syrup factories producing a commodity, Beaver Meadows is a family business that has been making high quality syrup for more than 30 years. By combining the wisdom gained from years of experience, using today's state of the art equipment and the most up-to-date maple syrup production practices, we are a small scale efficient producer of maple syrup. Customers tell us they really appreciate knowing where their syrup is from, who makes it, and how it's made.

Maple Syrup Grades

*Fancy Grade Light Amber

"The first syrup of the season. Light amber color with a delicate maple flavor"

*Grade A - Medium Amber

"The mid-season syrup. Medium amber color with a bright maple flavor"

*Grade A - Dark Amber

"The mid-season syrup. Dark amber color with a hearty maple flavor"

*Grade B - Darker Amber

"The late season syrup. Darkest color with a distinct, strong maple flavor"

The LaPoint Sugar Makers

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